4 Days To MLB Playoffs: Boston Red Sox

There are only a few days until the start of the MLB playoffs and SportsPickle is previewing each playoff team. Today: Boston Red Sox.

AL wildcard winner / Playoff seed: No. 4 / ALDS opponent: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Some facts I learned about Red Sox Nation on Wikipedia.
Capital: Boston
Official Language: Something that sounds sort of like English but annoying
Demonym: Sawx Fans, Douches/Douchebags
Government: Complainamentary democracy
Area: New England primarily, but also wherever their bandwagon is at the time
Population: Depends on place in the standings and if the Red Sox are on a winning streak or not
Currency: Large contracts
National anthem: "Sweet Caroline" or anything by the Dropkick Murphy's
Primary exports:Pretentiousness, pink hats
Primary imports: Fair weather fans, bandwagon fans, steroids
Interesting, huh? Learning is fun. And thanks to Wikipedia, the truth can be whatever you write it to be.