3 Days To MLB Playoffs: Colorado Rockies

There are only a few days until the start of the MLB playoffs and SportsPickle is previewing each playoff team. Today: Colorado Rockies.
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NL wildcard winner / Playoff seed: No. 4 / NLDS opponent: Philadelphia Phillies
The Colorado Rockies and their fans have gotten a lot of mileage out of "Rocktober." But I think they're limiting the use of ROCK in more words.
Here are some other possibilities, Rockies fans. Try them out!
Rockcident — When a Rockies player gets hurt via groceries, an ATV or deer meat.
Playing cops and Rockers — A euphemism for getting arrested for soliciting a really ugly prostitute a la Denny Neagle
Rocktopus — The girlfriend of a Rockies player.
RocktoMom— A former Rocktopus who has been knocked up.
Rocktogenarian — A Rockies fan as old or older than Todd Helton.

Rocktogon — The status of a young, star Rockies player who everyone knows will be gone one day when the team can no longer afford him. "Enjoy Matt Holliday now because he is Rocktogon."

Rocktion — The practice of selling off players who are Rocktogon for whatever the team can get.

Rockward — The annual ritual of switching the calendar over to November without a World Series title. "Rockward!"