1 Day To MLB Playoffs: Minnesota Twins

There is only one day until the start of the MLB playoffs and SportsPickle is previewing each playoff team. Today: Minnesota Twins.

AL Central Champion / Playoff Seed: No. 3 / NLDS opponent: New York Yankees
The Minnesota Twins took 163 games to reach the postseason and they did it in dramatic fashion. But now that they're there, many so-called "experts" aren't giving them much of a chance against the New York Yankees.
That's absurd.
First of all, they're playing the Yankees. In the playoffs. Of course they can win.
Second, this franchise has a history of being the little guy, of being doubted … but still succeeding.

Oh, and for the record, that movie was shot in 1994. This kid …

… now looks like this:

The stress of trying to keep a small market team competitive every year really ages a person.