Who is Tate Forcier?

Two weeks ago, Michigan was shuffling between three quarterbacks. Now true freshman Tate Forcier is garnering Heisman consideration.
Who is this guy? Here are some facts about Tate Forcier.
Tate Forcier was born August 7, 1990 in San Diego. So the reason the true freshman was able to stay so calm in beating Notre Dame is because he has absolutely no recollection of a time that Notre Dame was ever any good. His youth allowed him to maintain a very rational and calm demeanor against his weak, yet highly-touted, opponent. Tate Forcier views Notre Dame's football program the same way someone a bit older might think of the football programs at Army, Harvard or the University of Chicago.
Forcier's reall first name is "Robert," but he took the name Tate from the movie "Little Man Tate," starring Jodie Foster, Dianne Wiest, and Harry Connick, Jr., because he is the youngest and smallest of three brothers. This is why when Forcier asks teammates if they want to watch some film, his teammates first make sure he means game film and not some crappy girl movie.
Forcier began working with Marv Marinovich when he was in third grade. Marinovich helped Forcier develop his arm strength and accuracy by having him hit his son with passes from 30, 40 and 50 yards each day while Todd was passed-out in the front yard.
The hottest new t-shirt in Ann Arbor is one that reads "The Forcier Is With Us" on the front. The second hottest new t-shirt in Ann Arbor? One that reads "He Tate Your Ass And He Tate Your Balls." The third is a shirt that reads "Rich Rod Made Me Practice 27 Hours Today And All I Got Was This Stupid T-Shirt."
Forcier was rated the most accurate high school quarterback in the nation by Rivals.com. It really is a shame that Braylon Edwards is no longer at Michigan. It would have been a treat to see how he would have figured out a way to drop Forcier's passes.
Forcier and his brothers — who also played college quarterback — have a website called QBForce.com. The front page reads "Quarterback mostly comes down to … SPEED: Ball Speed, Foot Speed, Decision Speed + Heart will put you over the-top and add MAGIC which very few athletes have (Not to be confused with dumb luck) you've got a Super-Star!" And then it goes on and on in a similar vein from there.So if you were watching the Notre Dame-Michigan game and thinking that Jimmy Clausen was the biggest douche on the field … you may have been way wrong.