SI: From The Vault

Taking a look at old Sports Illustrated covers …

Au Natural // A whirwind off-season of condomless sex for the new prince of the NFL

The Cover That No OneWould Pose For // Can SI kill this cat?
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The Wizard Of Whoreville // Does Pat Summitt wear too much mascara?

Eli's A Man // Surprise erections, surprise nocturnal emissions

Supper-Man! // Emmitt Smiff masticates Dulles beyond the buffaloes gain

May 28, 2002 issue
May 28, 2002 issue
Steroids In Baseball: Confessions of an SI Editor // “We’re going to beat this f–king story into the ground over the next decade. You have no idea. Like, almost every issue is going to be about steroids — even long after people stop caring. So strap in.” — Sports Illustrated managing editor