SI: From The Vault

Taking a look at old Sports Illustrated covers …
Michael Jordan, Basketball, Chicago Bulls
Jordan's My Name, Gambling's My Game // Michael Jordan eyes his next career

Chris Evert, Tennis,
I'm Going To Be A Lion // Chris Evert tells what she is going for with her hairdo

Gregg Jefferies, Baseball, New York Mets
Unsurprising News! // The Mets Are Doomed

Pete Rose, Baseball, Cincinnati Reds
Q: And when [Pete Rose] bet baseball, did he bet on the Cincinnati Reds?
A: Yes, he did.
Q: And was this at a time that he was the manager of the Cincinnati Reds?
A: Yes, sir.
Q: Is there any doubt in your mind that someone who would be on the Cincinnati Reds is criminally insane?
A: Absolutely not.

Bernie Kosar, Football, Cleveland Browns
Cleveland's Bernie Kosar: Last of the great quarterbacks?
(EDITOR'S NOTE: Wait … what? That was the actual headline?!)