"You Lie!" Guy apparently a noted football handicapper

If you follow politics at all, you know about the kerfuffle over South Carolina congressman Joe Wilson yelling out "You Lie!" during President Obama's address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday.
But Joe Wilson is not just a politician lacking in social graces. He is much more.
Fast forward to the 2:10 mark and watch until the 2:25 mark.

Dah! Stupid MSNBC. This is why their ratings suck. They should have stayed with it until Rep. Wilson made his choice known. I would have bet big money (given to me by corporate lobbyists) on it!
By the way, the reporter who asked the question? None other than Luke Russert, son of the late Tim Russert. (Luke also reportedly asked a follow up question: "Do you think they can handle Georgia Tech's running attack?" No, really. He did.)
Obviously, Smallest Russ is a disgrace to his father's legacy. Tim Russert would have never asked a Congressman about Georgia Tech-Clemson. He would have asked Rep. Brown about who he has in the Bills game.
And if Rep. Brown wanted to regain any credibility with the American people, he would have said: "Whoever the Bills are playing. Because the Bills suck."