The New York Jets won the franchise's second Super Bowl on Sunday, topping the New England Patriots 16-9 in Week 2 NFL action.
"I told these guys that if they don't limit themselves and set their goals high, they can accomplish anything," said Jets head coach Rex Ryan. "But even I didn't really believe we could win the Super Bowl this year. Not in September."
The victory means rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez, playing just his second regular season game, has now won a Super Bowl quicker than any other quarterback in league history.
"This is an amazing feeling," said Sanchez. "And it all happened so fast. It seemed like just weeks ago we were at camp, and now we're celebrating our Super Bowl win. I don't even know what to do next. I guess take a few weeks off and then start getting ready for next season."
Jets officials say they are working with New York City and New Jersey officials to help schedule a parade for the team later this week.
"There's no plan in place right now. This was kind of unexpected," said New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. "But we had a huge turnout for the Giants parade two years ago and we expect even more for the Jets parade because the weather is so much warmer."
While the Jets are celebrating their Super Bowl win, the Patriots are trying to put their performance behind them.
"We have to treat this loss as though it was just any other game," said head coach Bill Belichick. "Because it was. We have 14 more regular season games, then three weeks of playoffs and then, if we're fortunate, the Super Bowl."
The loss to the Jets dropped Belichick's career record in Super Bowls he knows about to 3-1 and Super Bowls he is unaware he is playing in to 34-2.