Janet Gretzky Buys Phoenix Coyotes After Miami Covers 4-Point Spread

The Phoenix Coyotes ownership situation was up in the air. On one side, Jim Balsillie wanted to purchase the cash-strapped franchise and move it to Hamilton, Ontario. On the other, the NHL would buy the team to keep in in Phoenix. A judge was set to decide the franchise's future within the week.
But now a new buyer has come forward — Janet Jones Gretzky, wife of Coyotes head coach Wayne Gretzky, who is flush with cash after a three-team parlay last night on the Miami Hurricanes, Kansas City Royals and the Indiana Fever of the WNBA put $200 million into her bank account.
"Thank God," said Mrs. Gretzky. "If that parlay hadn't come through, we would have lost our house. Wayne would have been pissed. I put everything we had left on it. But I was confident. I know my Royals baseball."
Janet Gretzky's bid for the team will come in between the two pending offers — Balsillie's $242.5 million and the NHL's $140 million.
"I can't use all $200 million," she said. "I'd love to, but let's just say I have a lot of people I currently owe money to. I'm probably going to have to go $100 million and just have the NHL trust give a discount due to my family name."
NHL commissioner Gary Bettman says he is happy to have a buyer who won't move the team from Phoenix, but worries the team will soon be up for sale again soon.
"I don't think Janet can stay solvent for long," he said. "I remember at the 2006 Winter Olympics she bet $2 million on Team USA to win gold. Insane."
But Janet Gretzky believe she has finally hit on a guaranteed moneymaker.
"I'm sleeping with the head coach," she said. "If I tell him to make the team lose by a certain amount of goals, he'll do it. We may not win, but we're going to be the most profitable team in the NHL."