Everyone at High School Pep Rally Secretly Hoping Football Team Loses

Despite the support shown this afternoon at a mandatory 9th period pep rally for the school's varsity football team, students at Lakeview High School admit that they really hope the team loses tomorrow night — preferably in an embarrassing fashion.
"Everyone on the football team is a total prick," said junior Nick Lamade. "And I'm not exaggerating. Every one of of them. Coaches, too. I couldn't root against them more."
"I know some of their offense because I played JV," said senior Jason Farrior. "I send my old playbook to the opposing team each week before the game. Every little bit helps, I say."
And while Lakeview students say unanimously in private that they root — vigorously — against their Lions, that sentiment couldn't seem less true at the pep rallies themselves, which feature loud cheering and enthusiastic support.
"If we don't clap and yell and cheer along with the stupid cheers, we get in trouble," said Sarah Shulman. "I don't want to get detention, so I cheer. The teachers make us. Although they all hate the football team, too."
That's true, say all the teachers.
"Most definitely," says English teacher Thomas Landry. "The football players disrupt class every day and they're basically just a—holes. Yet the administration lets them get away with everything … because they play football. Unbelievable. But I make my other students cheer at the pep rally. It's an order from the principal. But it also allows me to teach my English classes about irony."
And while every Lakeview student dislikes the football team, some do more than others. Most notably, the soccer, golf and volleyball teams.
"Last year the football team went 5-6 and every one of their games was treated around here like it was the Super Bowl," said Tim Curtis, senior captain of the soccer team. "Yet we went 17-3 and made it to the state semis and … nothing. At the pep rallies they have us sit together and then before they spend 20 minutes on the football team, the principal says: 'And let's not forget all the guys and girls on the soccer, volleyball and golf teams. They deserve our support, too.' That's it."
Head football coach Rick Davis says the "obvious" support of the student body and faculty is a huge confidence boost for his team.
"Football is integral for the success and morale of any high school," he says. "When my squad takes the field, they know they have the hopes of the entire community riding on them. They don't take that responsibility lightly. And they appreciate the support."