Daisuke Matsuzaka shakes off gyroball sign again

Daisuke Matsuzaka returned to the Red Sox rotation last night and pitched well over six innings, but disappointed catcher Jason Varitek by repeatedly shaking off his call for a gyroball. "Come on! Bring that sh-t! I've been waiting three years," Varitek yelled out to Matsuzaka after the Japanese star repeatedly shook off the gyroball sign with two strikes on Vladimir Guerrero in the fourth inning. "Show us why you're getting all that money." Despite Matsuzaka's refusal, Varitek continued to give his sign for the gyroball, in which he rotates one finger around and around and then tells the batter: "It's gyro time. Prepare to be amazed!" Matsuzaka, through an interpreter, says he has good reasons for refusing to throw the pitch. "It would get hit out of the park," he said. "I thought I was clear on this when I signed — in Japanese, 'gyro' means 'hanging curve.'"