Baseball season going right down to the end again

Like so many seasons before it, the 2009 baseball regular season seems as though it will go right down to the wire.“I have been in this game for five decades and it seems to happen every year,” said Dodgers manager Joe Torre. “The end always comes right at the end.” Phillies starter JA Happ echoed Torre:“I remember looking at the schedule at the beginning of the season, thinking: ‘There’s no way the season will actually go 162 games. But shows what I know as a rookie. Because it definitely seems like we’re going to play to the final day."Pirates manager John Russell says his team will also keep playing.“It is exciting to play games that count late into September,” he said. “All of these games we play, believe it or not, are actual major league games that will go in the official league record books. That’s big for this organization.”