ADD: Mario Manningham, WR, Giants

ADD: Mario Manningham, WR, Giants — The Giants have been searching for a suitable replacement for Plaxico Burress and they may have finally found one. Manningham, a second-year receiver out of Michigan, caught 10 passes for 150 yards and a touchdown on Sunday night in New York's win at Dallas. Of course, don't expect Manningham to be a carbon copy of Burress. At 5-11, 183 pounds, Manningham is six inches and nearly 50 pounds lighter than Burress. That means he'll score fewer touchdowns in the red zone. It also means, with his slight frame, that when he shoots himself in the leg, it could blow his leg clean off instead of just giving him a minor flesh wound. Don't fool yourself: Manningham is a high-risk, high-reward pickup. He'll put up some stats for now. But he may be on a peg leg by November.