4 Days To College Football: Lane Kiffin

There are only a few days left until the first Saturday of the college football season and SportsPickle is counting down the top stories of 2009. Today: No. 4, Lane Kiffin.

No one has any idea what to make of Lane Kiffin yet.
Pro: He is despised by Raiders owner Al Davis, a trait common to many successful football coaches and players.
Con: As crazy as Al Davis first seemed at Kiffin's dismissal press conference, he may have actually understated Kiffin's idiocy.
Con: Kiffin can't seem to make it through a week without racking up an NCAA violation.
Pro: John Calipari, Ohio State, USC … the path to greatness is paved with NCAA violations.
Con: At just 34 years of age, Kiffin seems ridiculously young and unprepared to lead an elite program.
Pro: If Kiffin does pan out, Tennessee may have their football coach locked for the next 50 years or more if he can refuse to quit/die for as long as Joe Paterno.
Con: Kiffin is prone to petty, classless comments about rival schools, like reportedly telling one recruit that South Carolina grads only get jobs "pumping gas."
Pro: Such comments prove that Kiffin has sound judgment. I mean, really. South Carolina.
Pro: Kiffin's NFL experience could convince elite recruits to play for him.
Con: Oakland Raiders: not really the NFL. In fact, they might not even be bowl-eligible out of the SEC.
Pro: Kiffin has a ridiculously hot wife.
Con: Not really a con there.
So if we're listing things you have to watch this college football season, Lane Kiffin is right near the top. Especially if the first blushes of UT pride can compel Mrs. Kiffin to come to games Bruce Pearl-style.