2 Days To College Football: Notre Dame

College football may open play tonight, but the first Saturday of action is still a couple days away and SportsPickle is counting down the top stories of 2009. Today: No. 2, Notre Dame.

There are disgusting rumors going around that Notre Dame is going to be good this year. Well, maybe not good. But not so terrible that they'll post a losing (or even mediocre) record again versus their crap schedule.
In fact, one particular college football analyst believes Notre Dame will play for the national championship. And not 20 or 30 or 40 years ago either. This year. 2009. Really!

In case all of this comes to pass, here is a happy memory to hold with us as we move into what may be a very distasteful new era. (Although, personally, I think we're safe.)

Wow. You can see the stadium shake. And imagine — that's with the weight of Charlie Weis holding it down. Amazing!