Who is Y.E. Yang?

Y.E. Yang bested Tiger Woods by three strokes to win the 2009 PGA Championship at Hazeltine.
What else do we know about this guy? Here are some facts about Y.E. Yang.
Yang did not start playing golf until he was 19 years old.
Tiger Woods had a 17-year head-start on Yang in learning the game, which is why Vegas sports books predict Yang will beat Woods for the 2026 PGA Championship by 51 strokes.
After quickly becoming quite skilled at golf, Yang was required to serve in the South Korean military.
Yang was drafted into the service in case tensions between South Korea and North Korea escalated into a golf-off with North Korean leader/golf phenom Kim Jong-il.
Yang was born in 1972 and his given name is용은.
So "Y.E." is apparently an abbreviation for "용은". How does he get Y.E. out of용은? South Koreans are weird.
In three previous years on the PGA Tour, Yang earned a total of $537,000. This season he has already won $3.2 million.
With his 10-percent take, Yang's caddie is now able to afford to move out of Yang's locker.
Before winning the PGA Championship, Yang's best finish in a major was a tie for 30th at the 2007 Masters.
In all fairness, Yang was distracted at the Masters by Augusta National members frequently asking him if he had their dry cleaning ready.
Yang if the first Asian-born* player to win one of golf's majors.
*Caublanasian not included.