Uncoordinated Child Tragically In Love With Sports

His gym teacher says he is one of the clumsiest children she has ever had in her 25 years of teaching. His Little League coach only plays him because the league requires it. And his father can't bear to watch any of his games.
Yet Eric Raglan loves sports.
And that's what is so sad.
"My favorite thing in the whole world is sports," said Raglan, 9, while sitting on the bench at his soccer game. "And I may not be the best now, but I know that if I keep working hard I'll be able to be a professional one day like Derek Jeter and Peyton Manning."
"It doesn't matter how hard Eric works, he's going nowhere in sports," said the boy's soccer coach, Sara McLain. "He struggles just to stay on his feet when he runs. He usually misses the ball when he tries to kick it. He's asthmatic. He has no vision, no natural aggression. He's got nothing going for him."
McLain says that at first day of practice, she actually thought Eric was physically disabled.
"I asked around," she said. "No, it just turns out he's the worst athlete ever."
Eric's parents have tried to steer his interests away from sports to anything that won't taunt his physical limitations his entire life.
"Music, art, science camps — we've tried everything," said Eric's mother, Cathy Raglan. "We tried fishing. Turns out fishing is definitely a sport because Eric sucked at it. He kept hitting himself in the back of the head with the fly."
But the more people try to pull him away from sports, the more Eric is drawn to them.
"I love sports more than anything," he said. "And when I keep growing and get bigger and stronger, I'm going to be really good. You'll see."
Eric's father says he wants to apologize in advance to everyone his son encounters athletically along the way.
"Please know that I've done my best to steer him away from sports," he said. "I can't forbid him from playing. I can't do that to my son. But I can apologize to every rec league softball team he dooms, for every family reunion volleyball game he destroys and for every pool table he rips. I'm sorry. And I'm sorry for my son that he's destined to a life of heartbreak and disappointment."