Training Camp Postcard: Minnesota Vikings

Our reporter spent the day at Minnesota Vikings training camp in Mankato, Minn. Here are his notes.
> Brett Favre may not know all the Vikings plays yet, but he has had no problem so far adapting them to his style of play. Regardless of the call, he just drops back, runs around in a circle a few times, spots the receiver farthest down the field and then throws the ball as high and as far as he can. And the good news for the Vikings: with Favre's aging eyes and weak, old man arm, he's normally hitting a receiver only 10 to 15 yards downfield — just the conservative approach this team needs! Great signing.
> Based on Brad Childress' dishonest handling and undercutting of Tarvaris Jackson, it's obvious he is a racist who hates black people. No, that's not fair. I'm kidding. I can't say that for sure. And don't forget Sage Rosenfels also was handled unfairly. So it's blacks and Jews that Brad Childress hates. That one's a definite. Pass it on.
> First round draft pick Percy Harvin is an explosive wide receiver with a troubled past. But let's cut the kid a break. Consider his life story: He was born in 1988 when Brett Favre was the starting quarterback for Southern Miss, so he has absolutely no recollection of football without Brett Favre. Poor kid. F—king tragic.
> I spotted a luxury bus parked outside the fence at Vikings practice. Beside the cruiser was a large, elderly man peering through the fence and masturbating while Favre went through his reps.
> It's hard not to look at Brett Favre in a Vikings helmet and see the horns as the horns of a demon. Or maybe Satan, Prince of Darkness, himself.
> Vikings owner Zygi Wilf wouldn't tell me what the "W" stands for, but I told him no thanks on the "ILF" part.