Training Camp Postcard: Dallas Cowboys

Our reporter spent the day at Dallas Cowboys training camp in San Antonio. Here are his notes.
> Cowboys coaches say they are happy that Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson separated. They hope it gives Simpson more time to work on her art.
> Players and coaches say they plan to get their Christmas shopping done early this year so they don't have the stress of the holiday season weighing them down in December again.
> The new Cowboys stadium was constructed with a steel-titanium alloy mixed with recycled parts of Jerry Jones' face.
> Longtime safety Roy Williams is gone to the Bengals, meaning Dallas only has one more massively overrated Roy Williams to shed from its payroll.
> I spoke to short yardage back Tashard Choice. He said that if he had his choice, he would not have named himself Tashard.
> With Terrell Owens gone, the Cowboys say their biggest distraction is not being as good as many of their opponents.