Training Camp Postcard: Buffalo Bills

Our reporter spent the day at Buffalo Bills training camp in Pittsford, NY. Here are his notes.
> So far, Terrell Owens has nothing negative to say about Trent Edwards. He also doesn’t know Trent Edwards’ name.
> In the hot summer sun, Dick Jauron exudes a strong smell of leather.
> The Bills are considering moving their training camp from Pittsford, as their players are too tempted by the fast-paced lifestyle the town provides in comparison to Buffalo.
> First round draft pick Aaron Maybin appears a little wet behind the ears. He should really dry off better when getting out of the shower. If soap suds dry back there the skin behind his ear lobes will crack. I had that happen to me a few times. Hurts!
> I’m not ashamed to say that slot receiver Josh Reed looks good in a pair of mesh shorts.
> I have a hunch about something about the Bills this year. Not sure what it is. Or is it a who? Could also be a when, I guess.