Tom Brady’s knee fails to complete a single pass in first game back

Tom Brady had a disastrous return to the field Thursday night in his first game since suffering a knee injury in Week 1 of the 2008 regular season. The former league MVP failed to complete a single pass with his surgically-reconstructed left knee, raising serious concerns that it is truly ready for the season. "I'll admit, I'm a little concerned," said one Patriots front office employee who was at the game in Philadelphia. "I wanted to see the knee chuck some balls downfield. But all it did was stand there. And sometimes it would bend." Brady felt his first game back was a success. "The knee felt good," he said. "But I'm probably not going to try to throw a ball with my leg until the regular season when we have a big lead on one of the sh!tty teams in our division. You know, just for fun."