Star Player To Conceal His Injury Until After Your Fantasy Draft

An unnamed NFL star is reportedly planning to conceal an injury that will force him to miss significant time this season until after you complete your fantasy football draft later this month, sticking you with a player you never would have selected had you known he was hurt.
"I'm going to play through the pain at camp for now, just until his draft is held," said the player. "Then, once I get word that I've been picked, I'm going to announced I'm out until Week 5 — maybe even later. It will be hilarious."
For dramatic effect, the player says he is hoping to announce his injury during your draft in the moments right after you select him.
"That will be the best way to do it, to really make it hurt in front of all of his friends," he said. "I'd love for him to pick me, make it official, start gloating that he made a great pick … and then have it scroll across the bottom of the screen on ESPN that I'm out until Week 5 at the earliest."
The player said he is disappointed to be hurt, but screwing with your fantasy team makes him feel a little bit better.
"Not better in that I'm going to be better physically and back on the field, mind you," he said. "Your still going to be totally f—ked by drafting me. But better mentally in that the destruction of your fantasy team gives me something to be happy about. It will keep a smile on my face each day while I am busting my butt at rehab."
And while you will be forced to keep the player on your roster because you drafted him so high, he is confident even his return won't save you.
"I'll probably be back by Week 5, but no way I'll be 100-percent. Not with this injury," he said. "I probably won't be producing like I normally do until Week 8 or 9. And by that time your season will be over because your first round pick was bust. No fantasy team can overcome that. Ha-ha! Idiot. You know what? This might end up being my most fun season ever."