Runner stranded at second dies

Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts doubled last night in the third inning to score a run. But he wasn't quite as fortunate and became stranded at second — and eventually passed away. "You don't want to leave a runner behind," said Orioles manager Dave Trembley. "But there were already two outs when he got his hit, and we were in enemy territory here in Minnesota and — well, we will miss Brian." At the conclusion of the game, the Orioles ran out to second base to get Roberts, but it was too late. "He had starved to death. He was dehydrated. If only he hadn't been stranded early in the game, we could have saved him," said outfielder Nick Markakis. "I hope he died knowing we did everything we could to get him home. We've lost too many good teammates this way the past few years." Metrodome officials say they will replace the second base bag because a desperate Roberts tried to eat it and the bag is all gnawed up.