Reports: Brett Favre Considering a Return to His Wife’s Vagina

Less than 20 minutes after rolling off of his wife and kissing her goodnight, former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre is seriously considering a return to her body for one more go.
“I thought I had my fill,” said Favre. “But I’m still a relatively young man. There are still some things I can do. Still some things I can accomplish. I don’t think I want to go out the way I did.”
The Favres had quite a romp in bed throughout the night, but just when things looked to be set up perfectly for his wife to achieve orgasm, Favre blew it with a disastrous premature ejaculation.
“We had a great ride, but it ended terribly,” he said. “I have always liked to push it and go right up to the edge, but sometimes I go too far. That’s why I’ve had a fair number of premature ejaculations in my career. But I have also given some amazing orgasms, too.”
In the minutes after their disappointing finish, Favre’s wife tried to gauge her husband’s interest in returning for one more try. He quickly turned her down.
“It was a long haul and I was mentally and physically drained,” said Favre. “I had shot my load. And I honestly didn’t feel like doing it all over again. I was content with how I left things. I just wanted to relax and maybe watch some TV.”
But soon Favre started to feel the desire to get back on and go.
“I love it – what can I tell you?” he said. “I love the excitement. I love the sweat. I love getting cheered on to succeed. There’s nothing I like more. I just have a strong, deep desire inside of me. And it’s usually exhibited by an erection.”
But despite Favre’s desire to give it one more try, his wife isn’t so sure.
“I had some decisions to make and I had to move on. I couldn’t lay here and wait,” she said. “I think I was pretty close to something great back there, so I decided to turn to this vibrator I got a few years ago and see if it could finish the job. It’s not Brett Favre, but I think it will do a fine job. Ohhhhhh, yes. It’s doing quite nicely. Ohhhhhh my yes. I mean, I guess Brett can come back if he wants to, but the job isn’t necessarily his anymore. Oooooooh. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yessssss!”