Plaxico Burress shoots his attorney in the leg

NFL receiver Plaxico Burress had another incident with a gun today, repeatedly shooting his attorney in the leg. "Oh. Whoops. Looks like I accidentally shot you in the leg," said Burress, after shooting his lead attorney, Benjamin Brafman in the thigh. "Oops. Did it again. And again. I'm so clumsy with guns." After Brafman crawled — screaming — into a nearby closet, Burress dragged him out by his hair, reloaded his gun and accidentally shot the attorney three times more times in the leg — including accidental shots to each knee cap for extra pain. "Oh, my! What have I done?" the receiver exclaimed, laughing hysterically. "Again? I shot you again? I'm so hopeless when it comes to guns." Brafman, who advised Burress to turn down an initial offer of two months in jail only to see his client ultimately receive two years, said he suspects the shootings were not accidental. "It's just a hunch I have," he said. "And my hunches are often correct. My hunch wasn't correct in the case of me thinking the district attorney would eventually drop the charges against Plaxico, of course. But you can't win them all." Brafman was then accidentally pistol-whipped by his client.