Picture this: Osama bin Laden butt naked banging on the restaurant floor

So who is really to blame for Rick Pitino's "indiscretion"? Rick Pitino knows: it's those no-good terrorists with their 9/11.
Here is Pitino's quote at his apology press conference: "When 9/11 hit, you needed a community to get you over it. In New York City, it was easy because everybody knew the devastation of that and they got each other over it. In Louisville, the impact wasn't felt like New York City, but I needed this community to help me get over it."
Umm. Okay. Invoking 9/11 after cheating on your wife. Classy.
So, maybe Pitino isn't exactly blaming 9/11 for banging a mom on a restaurant floor (while his assistant slept on the floor nearby), impregnating the woman and then later paying for her abortion. But he is at least saying that this current personal crisis has impacted him almost as much as the Twin Towers falling.
And you wondered what women saw in Rick Pitino. His dong is as big as a skyscraper.