Phil Mickelson duck hooks three-foot putt into the water

Phil Mickelson continued to struggle at the PGA Championship today, hitting a massive duck hook with his putter on the 16th green, flying the ball into the lake that borders the fairway. "Phil continues to struggle with his short putts," said Mickelson's caddie, Jim "Bones Mackay. "But people always say he can do things to a golf ball that others can't and that's for sure. I've never seen someone hit a snap hook with a putter like that." Mickelson attributed the missed gimme to a bad break. "There were a number of factors – direction of the grains of grass, shadows, a leaf on the fringe," he said. "And right when I was about to tap it in, a big gust of wind came up — you probably didn't feel it, but it was huge — and that led to the duck hook. Tiger doesn't have bad luck like that."