Mets to use accrued personal days and call it a season

The New York Mets say they will ask general manager Omar Minaya to use the personal days they have saved up the past few years and just not come into work for the remainder of the season. "This is what those personal days are for, aren't they?" said second baseman Luis Castillo. "We are going through a tough time right now and I think it's best for everyone if we're just not here. And I say this with authority as one of our lone remaining uninjured veterans." But Minaya says it's unlikely he will allow the entire remainder of the team to take time off. "Do they think I want to be here any more than they do?" said Minaya. "If it was up to me, I would have been at the beach since June. But we are professionals, so we still have to show up every day. And I'm proud to say that while the Mets do very little else, they at least show up at the stadium every day."