Jason Varitek named captain of the bench

Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona announced today that due to the acquisition of Victor Martinez from Cleveland, team captain Jason Varitek would have his captain duties relegated to the bench area. "Jason is going to see the field a lot less now," said Francona of his catcher, who is mired in a four-year batting slump. "So it doesn't make much sense to have him in charge of the guys who are actually out on the field playing." Varitek says he is excited about his new role. "I will help this team any way I can," he said. "And I will take this bench captaincy very seriously. I will tell you one thing that's going to change around here — all the paper cups on the floor. We bench players have to stand in this crap while everyone else is out on the field having fun. That sh!t is going to stop now. It's my stop priority." The current Red Sox starters say they have no intention of listening to Varitek anymore.