Inside the NFL QB battles

NFL training camps open with six starting quarterback jobs up for grabs.
Here is a look at each position battle and what each player brings to the table.
>> Cleveland Browns
Derek Anderson
PRO: Has been successful as a starter before, going 10-5 in 2007 with 3,787 yards and 29 touchdowns.
CON: His numbers dropped precipitously last year. Although to be fair, his numbers were actually dropped by Braylon Edwards.
Brady Quinn
PRO: Proved he was a great leader at Notre Dame. Plus, his popped collar only adds to that. It makes him appear regal. Almost like royalty.
CON: Opposing defenses have a tendency to read his eyes. Mainly because they can't take their gaze off of them.
>> Detroit Lions
Daunte Culpepper
PRO: Has put up big numbers and won games in the past before his knee injuries.
CON: Lost of mobility means- … did he just get sacked in a drill without a defense? My God.
Matthew Stafford
PRO: Most scouts rate him a can't-miss.
CON: Most scouts rated Joey Harrington a can't-miss.
>> Minnesota Vikings
Tarvaris Jackson
PRO: Is not Brett Favre.
CON: Is not Brett Favre.
Sage Rosenfels
PRO: Is not Brett Favre.
CON: Is not Brett Favre.
>> New York Jets
Kellen Clemens
PRO: Despite his last name and the fact that his first name starts with a K, he's not related to that dickwad Roger Clemens.
CON: Perhaps not coincidentally, he also can't throw anywhere near as well as Roger Clemens. (But as an addendum to his PRO: he's also not on steroids. So that's nice.)
Mark Sanchez
PRO: Has experience running a pro-style offense and playing under the pressures of a pro-style contract.
CON: He has never played a game in the snow. (And he may never. Please recycle!)
>> San Francisco 49ers
Shaun Hill
PRO: Is a solid game manager.
CON: He manages to lose. A lot.
Alex Smith
PRO: Tied a career high in touchdowns last season and has been a consistent contributor since coming into the league.
CON: Unfortunately, that's Alex Smith the tight end. Alex Smith the quarterback is a pile of crap.
>> Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Josh Freeman
PRO: He rewrote the record books at Kansas State.
CON: I'm just quoting that from something I read elsewhere. I seriously doubt Kansas State has record books.
Byron Leftwich
PRO: Gets his whole team involved. Usually by having them carry him up and down the field when he gets hurt.
CON: Questionable decision making. (He turned down a contract from the reigning Super Bowl champions to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!)
Luke McCown
PRO: Is not Cade McCown or Josh McCown.
CON: Is Luke McCown.