Hank Williams, Jr. Already Ready For Some Football

Although the baseball playoff races are just starting to heat up and college football season is not set to kickoff for three more weeks and then the NFL regular season a week later, renowned country singer and perpetually impatient football fan Hank Williams, Jr. says he is already ready for some football.
“Are you ready for some football?!” Williams exclaimed. “A Monday night party?”
Williams, Jr.’s close friends and family say he is always ready for some football, but that the month leading up to the season is especially hard for the football-mad singer.
“During the season he can watch football almost every night, yet he still gets pretty excited for each game of football, as we all know too well,” says his wife, Deandra. “And once the season ends, he focuses on his music and accepts that he won’t be spending as much time with his rowdy friends. But by the time August rolls around, well … he wants to get it kick started.”
Williams says it’s time for football now, even if the calendar says otherwise.
“It’s time to get all the hits, the bangs and the blocks,” he said. “It’s the game of the week that’s comin’ your way.”
But while those close to Williams keep reminding him that meaningful football is still a good month from now, he says he reminds everyone he comes across that the sport will be back before we know it.
“So get ready,” he said. “I mean, get ready. Are you ready for some football?!”