George Plimpton participates in Lions camp as a tackling dummy

Writer George Plimpton took part again today in the sports writing genre he created in 1965 with his book “Paper Lion” – participatory sports journalism – by spending the day at a Detroit Lions practice. Plimpton, who died in 2003, was used as a tackling dummy during defensive drills.“Before his death, George expressed to us that he wanted to return to the field one more time,” said Lions owner William Clay Ford. “Unfortunately, that didn’t work out before he died. So I think this was the only alternative. I’m sure he’s looking down on us today with a smile on his face. Or, at least he was until Ernie Sims broke all of his ribs off.”Fordsaid he had several other journalists who wanted to participate in Lions camp this season, but decided to go with the legendary Plimpton – albeit his corpse.“There were some other writers who wanted to do a Plimpton for an article,” he said. “But being that they were actually living, I was afraid they might somehow upstage our players and make them look bad.”