Coach’s Son Given Preferential Treatment With Food, Lodging

Parents of football players at Steubenville High School in Steubenville, Ohio, have decided to register their complaints with school board about head coach Robert O’Malley giving his son, the team’s starting quarterback, preferential treatment.
“This has gone far enough,” said one outraged parent. “Not only is his son the starting quarterback, but he lets him live at his house, too? Oh, what – you win three straight Big School Player of the Year Awards and you can live with the coach, have him pay for your meals? This has to be some sort of violation.”
Another parent says he has seen O’Malley drive his son to practice numerous times.
“All we’re asking for is some fairness,” said the parent. “My son has never gotten valet service by the head coach. I mean, sure, we’ve all enjoyed winning state championships with his son at quarterback, but I’m sure my son could set a state record for touchdown passes, too, if only he was given the chance. But, no – the coach has him banished to backup punter.”
Some parents say they are disappointed to see that high school sports remain full of favoritism.
“It was the same way back when I was in high school,” said one parent. “I got cut from the basketball team simply because the coach was friends with the parents of some of the other kids. He tried to say it was only because I was 40-pounds overweight, unable to grasp basic basketball fundamentals and had a club foot. But I know the real reason. The way I see it, that man cost me millions of dollars in future earnings as a pro.”
The Steubenville school board president says he will look into the charges of preferential treatment towards the coach’s son and will continue in his quest to rid the district of petty, personal politics.
“Petty, personal politics have no place at a school,” he said. “Except when it comes to the school board election. That’s actually the only way to get elected.”