World record 100m time of 0.82 seconds determined to be tornado-aided

A blistering 100m time of 0.82 seconds put in by an Oklahoma high school sprinter will not be recognized as the world record because in was registered during a furious F4 tornado that whipped through his town, swept him up and hurled him and most of the crowd over the finish line.

"I knew when I broke out of the blocks that I got a good start,- said Owen Norbridge. "I felt like I was flying. And a split second later, I was – right in the eye of the tornado. Then a sheep and a huge section of a roof beam hit me and knocked me over the finish line. Once I was mercifully dropped to the ground a few hundred yards past the finish line, the first thing I thought was: 'Thank God I"m alive." Then right after that I though: 'Oh, man. They better not try to rip this away from me because of the whole tornado thing. I mean, my times were really improving. Six months ago I was running 12.2s. And I got it all the way down to 11.5s. So I don"t think a sub-one-second 100 is impossible for me.-

Norbridge says losing his world record hurts almost as much as losing all of his teammates in the storm.

"I was the only one who survived the tornado, so I was deemed the winner and the world record holder in order to keep my spirits up through my recovery,- he said. "Luckily, though, I will be keeping at least one world record. Apparently no one before in history has been thrown over 500 yards by a tornado while impaled by a javelin, relay baton and pheasant. So that"s kind of cool, I guess.-