Victorious boxer thanks his parents for the abusive childhood that made him what he is today

Middleweight boxer Michael Davis took another step closer to a title shot Saturday night with a knockout victory at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. And following his victory he credited his mother and father and their years of physical, emotional and sexual abuse for enabling him to be the boxer he has become.
 “I couldn’t have done it without mom and dad,” said Davies. “No well-adjusted person can become a boxer, and they did a fantastic job screwing me up in every conceivable way. I’m confident the anger I have inside of me over my childhood will be more than enough to take me to the title.”
 Davis said he has his parents in him mind during every bout as inspiration.
 “Once the opening bell rings, I just imagine the other guy is my dad or mom, and then I beat the living sh-t out of him. It’s great therapy,” said Davis.
 The boxer said he also thanks God for his success, because without The Almighty allowing the abuse to take place, his boxing career never would have taken off.
 “God is good,” said Davis. “If He sends my parents to hell, that is.”