TMZ Releases Exclusive Clip of New Lebron James Atari Game

Gossip website released an exclusive clip of what is apparently Lebron James’ upcoming Atari video game, a product that will likey try to tap into the retro ‘80s craze via blurry, 8-bit graphics and shaky player movement.
The game – which is still untitled, although may be called Lebron Vs. The Dunker – seems to include dunking and a rather annoying play-by-play announcer who – as in many older games – repeats the same phrase over and over. In this case: “Oh, my God!”
TMZ reportedly outbid several other websites for exclusive rights to the leaked game footage – footage Atari representatives likely sought to hold onto due to the embarrassingly poor quality of the game.
“It’s obvious the game is still only in beta form,” wrote Mychal Proat, editor of the video game blog “At least I hope it is. Because even for Atari, it’s pretty bad. That old Dr. J., Larry Bird One-On-One game they put out in ‘83 was much clearer than what I just saw.”
Considering the poor quality of the game, some believe there is something more going on.
“I hope that’s not all it is,” posted a commenter on TMZ. “I’ve been hearing all about this and it looks terrible. Maybe it’s all some sort of joke marketing ploy we don’t know about yet. Or maybe this is just to get people excited for a Lebron game for PS3 or Xbox 360 . You know, something where we can at least make out the players’ faces.”