The New SportsPickle: Now Daily and More Awesome

You may have noticed that a few changes have been made around here.
First off, SportsPickle is now daily during the work week (M-F) and will routinely be updated throughout the day. So come back every day, several times a day.
Now to the other changes.
Breaking News— Nothing new here. Scrolling headlines. Only the new format won't give you a seizure. You're welcome.
Picks Carousel — This is where you'll see the top feature stories or anything I think deserves special notice. You may even see some older articles here that have been updated for new readers.
Top Navigation Bar — Here you see major sports that are in-season or close to being in-season. Click to see an archive of sport-specific content.
Fake Quotes — The most recent Fake Quote is on the front page along the right side. But this houses all of the past Fake Quotes.
Mail Athletes — An archive of all athlete correspondence.
Handicapper — The longtime NFL picks column. Sports other than the NFL will now occasionally be featured in Handicapper.
Faces in the Crowd — A new feature. This highlights some of the lesser known people in sports; maybe some people in your own community.
T.I.R.S.H. — Today in Revisionist Sports History. See them all right here.
Interviews — Another new feature. These are actual interviews — yes, real interviews! Really! — with people in sports I think you might find interesting.
Links — Another new feature. An archive of interesting links beyond the latest links that are visible on the front page along the right side.
Picture of the Day — Pretty obvious.
Stuff You Might Have Heard — Quick-hitting stories.
TV Tonight — SportsPickle's pick for the best sports event on national TV each day.
Poll — Also pretty obvious. There will be a new poll at least once a week, usually more often.
the bottom column — Anything that isn't placed in the Picks Carousel or in Stuff You Might Have Heard will go here. This part of the front page will be updated the most.
Share This Article tools — These are available on every article page. You can submit stuff to Digg, e-mail it to friends, or easily post it to Facebook or Twitter. Please do all of them.
Now for a few questions you might ask …
What happened to Ponder This? Nothing. Ponder This isn't it's own thing anymore. But everything you saw in Ponder This will now be found as separate posts in the main column of the page.
What about commenting? It's coming.
So what's left?
Well, this is just the re-launch of SportsPickle. There may be a few bugs at the outset. And plenty of new stuff is on the way that I am really excited about.
Finally, thanks to the great team at College Humor and Connected Ventures for the outstanding job on the new SportsPickle. And thank you to Adam Reisinger for all his years of work on the site as the (now former) webmaster.
And thanks to all of you for your continued support of the site. If you have any additional questions about the new SportsPickle, you can e-mail me at or you can ask them to @sportspickle on Twitter. If there are recurring ones, I'll post them here.
Go. Read.