Shaq Twitters That He’s Out of Breath

Cavaliers center Shaquille O’Neal updated his fans via text message on Twitter tonight to let them know that he is really exhausted from having to run the entire length of the court during a workout.
“Sooooo tyrd. Wish i was phat not fat. Need O Xs 2! (Oxygn n Oreos!)” O'Neal tweeted while laying on his back and trying to catch his breath, the big man's thumbs tiring well before he reached the 140-character max.
O’Neal is among a growing number of celebrities who use the social networking tool to stay in touch with their fan bases. He says the quick, short “tweets” fit his personality and lifestyle.
“I prefer it to talking,” said O’Neal, noticeably wheezing. “I used to talk, I used to rap, I even tried blogging. But all that stuff required too much core strength, what with using your diaphragm to expel air and sitting up on your couch enough to see the screen of your laptop. I’m exhausted enough actually giving somewhat of an effort when I’m on the floor during the season. Twitter just requires that I move my thumbs. So until something comes along that only requires blinking, I’m a Twitter guy.”
Shawn Bates, a longtime fan of the new Cleveland center, says he subscribes to O’Neal’s Twitter feed and enjoys every message.
“A lot of celebrities use Twitter just to promote their movies or charities or whatever. And they have their PR flacks Tweet for them,” said Bates. “But Shaq is too tired to do movies or be involved with charities anymore. So you know when he sends out something like ‘Should I chanj undys 2day? Nah. 2 much wrk,’ you know it’s really him saying that.”