Rumors Swirl as Richard Jefferson Does Not Cancel Gay Wedding

San Antonio Spurs forward Richard Jefferson – long the target of whispers about his sexuality – fueled those rumors last by week canceling his wedding at the last moment, leaving many guests in a bind. Jefferson gave his fiancée a six-figure payment after the ceremony was called off, leading some to view it as hush money, but the former U.S. Olympian told the New York Post: “I’m not gay.”
However, that statement hasn’t silenced everyone. Some on internet message boards and in sports newsrooms have noted that while Jefferson has cancelled one wedding with a woman in his life, he has never called off a wedding with a man.
“For all we know, he’s going through with his wedding with his gay lover,” said one NBA beat writer. “They might be off getting married right now. I bet that’s exactly what’s happening.”
A friend close to Jefferson’s ex-fiancee says that she has no concrete evidence that the forward is gay, but has her suspicions.
“He’s 29, he’s famous, he’s a multi-millionaire – he has everything but a wife,” she said. “I think it’s kind of gay for him not to want a wife in his situation. He has access to beautiful women all over the country, but I know I wouldn’t want that. But, then, I’m not a lesbian. So I don’t think like a gay person.”
An NBA player who asked to remain anonymous says Jefferson may have some explaining to do around the league.
“Hey, he can live how he wants to off the court,” said the player. “But we have all heard the rumors. And canceling a wedding doesn’t do anything to stop them. If I don’t hear soon that he’s not marrying a dude, too, I’m going to assume he’s gay. It’s the only thing he can do to clear things up.”