Procrastinating GM only looking to trade for players to be named later

The Washington Nationals are expected to be sellers at the trade deadline, but interim GM Mike Rizzo says fans shouldn't expect any immediate returns on possible deals. "I'm exhausted, to tell you the truth," Rizzo said, mumbling into his cell phone while laying on the couch in his office. "I've got a ton of paperwork to catch up on, scouting tapes to watch, contracts to negotiate … and I haven't gotten to any of it. I'm sure I will. Just not now." And that's just Rizzo's work tasks. "I haven't mowed my lawn in weeks." So any trades the Nationals make — and Rizzo says they will only deal if opposing teams refuse to leave him alone, forcing him to pick up the phone — will be for players to be named later. "I'll figure out who we'll get in return eventually. Maybe a pitcher. Maybe a hitter. I guess those would be the two options. Anyway … I'll try to figure it all out by Thanksgiving or Christmas."