Pete Rose Still Gambling On Haircuts

Just days after Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig announced he will consider lifting Pete Rose's lifetime ban from the game, new information has emerged that suggests Rose still has a serious gambling problem.
“Several very reliable sources have told me thatRosehas been spending $5 to $7 onhaircutsfor years, and continued to do so even after he was banned from baseball forgambling,” said a source in the commissioner's office. “You can’t spend that little money on a haircut and expect to get good results.”
Critics have long pointed to Rose’s history of awfulhaircuts — from uneven crew cuts to ragged, tapered bowl cuts as evidence that the hit king’sgamblingproblems continue unabated.
While Rose's chances of reinstatement seemed good, the thought of lifting the ban should likely will not even be considered untilRosegets a good haircut.
“Until he stopsgamblingon his hair and spends at least $12 to $15 on a cut, he should remain out of baseball,” said the source. "Do you think anyone wants to see that hair on a Hall of Fame plaque? I think not."
But Rose's business manager, Kevin Reynolds, says his client is not paying too little for haircuts.
"He's not flush with cash by any means due to the suspension, but we make money where we can," said Reynolds. "And our latest deal is to make Pete the official endorser of that blog about men who look like old lesbians — Hence the hair. It's contractually bad. Nothing more."