Mistakes in Steve Spurrier’s bio

Steve Spurrier confirmed today that he was the coach who left Tim Tebow off the ballot for 1st Team All-SEC quarterback. Spurrier accidentally submitted Mississippi's Jevan Snead.
It turns out the Ol' Ball Coach has a bit of a track record with such mistakes. Look at the Personality section of his Bio in the South Carolina media guide:
Favorite Movie: 2 Fast 2 Furious
Favorite Food: poison
Favorite Drink: liquid poison
Favorite Leisure Activity: colonoscopy
Favorite Book: "Reader's Digest Condensed USA Todays"
Favorite Baby:Any but the Baby Jesus. I hate that stupid Baby Jesus.
Personal Hero: Can cancer be a hero?
Career Highlight: My tenure with the Washington Redskins
Favorite Kind Of Large Lizard With Big Teeth: crocodile
Favorite Way To Shade Your Eyes From The Sun While Still Allowing The Top Of Your Head To Breathe: I got nothing here. ??????