Jeremy Mayfield’s Meth-Powered Car Explodes

NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield barely escaped a massive fire that consumed his car today as he was practicing for this weekend’s Allstate 400 at the Brickyard in Indianapolis. His unique – and very powerful – meth-powered engine caught fire and quickly exploded as he accelerated out of a pit stop.

“Unfortunately this can happen with METHCARs,” said Mayfield’s crew chief Jim Nelson. “There are a whole lot of very flammable chemicals used in a meth engine. And when you have them all sloshing around on top of the engine’s spoon, they can ignite and explode at any moment.”

The explosion is seen as a setback in Mayfield’s push to grow meth throughout the sport.

“Gasoline is very expensive and it pollutes,” he said. “But you can make meth with just some household chemicals and poisons and a Google search. Really! It’s easy. NASCAR needs more meth, not less. We just need to figure out a way to keep the engine’s pilot light going with the whole car igniting.”

Nelson says the team may have to build their next METHCAR with sturdier materials.

“To keep down the weight, we went with some light plastics and shingles – just some stuff we pulled off Jeremy’s mobile home,” he said. “But that stuff catches fire immediately and creates a huge inferno. Maybe we can use an old, abandoned warehouse. You know, for a car.”