Jeanne Zelasko Begins Makeup Application in Preparation for October Baseball

Fox major league baseball host Jeanne Zelasko has begun the months-long process of preparing her face for the network’s coverage of October baseball. Yesterday’s initial application of foundation – the first of some 2,000 such base layers – will culminate the morning of the wildcard round openers with a touch of blush.
“I’ve been the lead baseball host here on Fox for a few years now, so I’m getting used to this,” said Zelasko. “My producers want my face to appear as a sort of immovable whore mask, but that sort of thing can’t be created overnight. It takes more than three months of work and layer upon layer upon layer of makeup. It is during June, July, August and September that I become the ghastly tramp you’re forced to look at during the playoffs.”
Makeup artist Gregory Tomlin is hired by Fox each year to create the whorescape that is Zelasko’s face.
“I’m not really a makeup artist,” says Tomlin. “My expertise is more in the areas of engineering and industrial adhesives. Jeanne’s October makeup is not so much about lipstick, eyeliner, or blush. It’s about finding a way to keep hundreds of layers of makeup – some eight or nine feet thick – affixed to her face, yet pliable enough that she can blink her eyes and move her mouth. It’s a remarkable feat we achieve each year, if I do say so myself. In fact, in the months I’m not applying Jeanne’s makeup, I hit the lecture circuit to share my experiences with others because The Zelasko – as it has been patented – has been the talk of engineering circles for several years now.”
Fox baseball producer Larry Widmann says creating Zelasko’s October face is more than just the work of engineers and mural painters, however.
“There are special effects people involved, too,” says Widmann. “The amount of makeup on her face leaves her head some 30-feet around by the time it is completed. She can’t sit beside Kevin Kennedy in studio without it looking ridiculous. So we have our special effects guys split the screen and then reduce her head digitally to make it look normal size. It’s really quite amazing.”
And while Zelasko says the next three-plus months can be trying, it is nowhere near as difficult as the month of teardown that begins once the playoffs come to an end.
“I’m protected by lots of makeup, but I’m not going to tell you that a sledgehammer to the face doesn’t hurt,” she said. “But it’s all worth it to stop looking like a cheap prostitute.”