Gravel Court Specialist Wishing He Had Focused On Grass Or Clay

After getting bounced from Wimbledon again in the first round, American Ryan Scott is beginning to wish he had chosen to focus on more conventional tennis surfaces – grass or clay, for example – during his formative years.
“I can destroy anyone on gravel, but there just aren’t many gravel surface tournaments out there,” said Scott. “In fact, there are none. And it’s kind of destroying my career.”
Scott says his former coach is to blame.
“My parents and me were sold a bill of goods by the guy when I was a junior player,” said Scott. “He insisted that gravel was the surface of the future – he said the wild bounces and cut up and bruised players would make the sport more fan-friendly – and that if I started training for gravel before anyone else, I’d dominate the future of the sport. Well, 15 years later, we’ve not seen one gravel event. Well, not counting the annual non-ATP event Ryan Scott Invitational, of course. But that’s always just me and Roger Federer and I have yet to beat him.”