Fat kid just a natural competitive eater

Ten-year-old competitive eating phenom Robbie Kimmel has something many elite competitors have that sets them apart from the average populace: natural, God-given athletic ability.

"You see athletes in every sport who were given an advantage over everyone else from birth with size, speed, muscle, whatever,- said Kimmel"s gym teacher, Mark Rawl. "Robbie"s like that when it comes to eating. He"s simply a fat, disgusting pig. He was built for gluttony.-

Those close to the boy say he got his blessed obesity from his parents.

"You look at his parents and they"re nearly as big piles of sh-t as he is,- said neighbor Ronda McPhee. "I mean, just a group of people who are tough to look at and struggle to perform even the most simple daily tasks due to their size. But with Robbie it"s something even more than that. I think he may have some sort of gland problem, too. He"s a lucky kid.-