Fan-friendly player sticks around after the game to get fans’ autographs

Chicago White Sox DH Jim Thome, considered one of the friendliest players in baseball, stuck around for 30 minutes following last night's game to get the autographs of all the fans who wanted to give them.“I love interacting with the fans,” said Thome. “But beyond that, I got some really great autographs. I got Cindy Hepfer’s. She’s a two-time teacher of the year at Highland Elementary. And I got her son Billy’s, too. Good kid, Billy. Very respectful. I was honored that he signed.”But one White Sox fan said he was disappointed in Casey.“Thome is a great player and I was hoping to get his autograph for my son,” said Mike Jenkins. “So I gave him a ball and told him to sign it ‘To Austin.’ But the jerk didn’t sign it. He just passed it around to everyone in the stands to sign. What a dick. What is my son going to want with a ball signed by Cindy and Billy Hepfer, whoever they are?”