Extremely Violent Man Shocks Fans With His Lack of Social Graces

Brock Lesnar unified the heavyweight crown at UFC 100 on Saturday, delighting fans by battering Frank Mir’s face to a bloody pulp. But it was his post-fight actions that shocked and horrified ultimate fighting fans throughout the country.
“I came here to see men fight until they were covered in blood. I came here to see broken noses, broken arms, broken legs,” said Jack Rigman, a fan who sat ringside. “I did NOT come tonight to be subjected to naughty words and offensive gestures. A middle finger?! Why, I never!”
In the moments after his victory, a pumped up Lesnar used several profanities and gave the finger to the fans. Then he spoke ill of an event sponsor and said he was planning to have intercourse with his wife.
“The sex thing is what really angered me,” said Jeff Ogland, who sat ringside with his 8-year-old son. “My boy doesn’t need to hear about sex yet. He’s too young. Thankfully, I think he didn’t hear all of Lesnar’s comments because he was wiping the blood spatter off of his face.”
UFC commissioner Dana White was disappointed in Lesnar’s post-fight actions.
“We expect a certain amount of decorum from our fighters,” said White. “After you physically destroy and humiliate another man and have his blood all over your fists, feet and forehead, don’t curse. Don’t bluster. Give us poetry. This is ultimate fighting, not barbarianism.”
Lesnar says he just wants a second chance.
“I won’t make this mistake again,” he said. “I need to get in a more polite state of mind when I enter the fighting ring. I just hope my opponents will grant me their permission to kick them in the neck.”