Delaware head coach hoping to not sure up in-state recruiting

Delaware head men’s basketball coach Monte Ross told program boosters today that his top priority in his fourth year on the job will be to make sure he does not lock up in-state recruiting.
“At most schools that would be a top priority, but not here,” said Ross. “If other universities want to come in here and take our so-called top talent, hey – more power to them. They’ll just be teams that we can then beat. Because, trust me, for every player we have from Delaware on this team, we are going to be that much worse.”
Ross says his situation is like that of many coaches from small states.
“I’m good friends with the head coach at Montana,” said Ross. “When he started there he recruited back-to-back Montana Mr. Basketballs. And then he went 0-52 in his first two seasons and vowed to never get another player from Montana. That will be my goal at Delaware. I know that if I ever have to resort to a Delaware recruit to fill the roster, I have already failed.”