Candace Parker Returning Nicely from Torn Womb

Candace Parker returned to the court last week for the Los Angeles Sparks just two months after suffering serious internal injuries that required extended hospitalization and bed rest.
“I’m feeling good. A little tired, but good,” said Parker after posting 6 points and 4 rebounds in 20 minutes in her debut.
Which is remarkable, considering where Parker was back in May – flat on her back in a hospital room with a severely torn womb and blood gushing out of her crotch, the result of a large growth found inside her abdomen.
“I have never seen someone come back from such serious injuries so quickly,” said Sparks head coach Michael Cooper. “I played for years in the NBA, and I saw guys – tough guys – felled by sprained knees, bad backs, broken fingers. But Candace tore her womb. And then she stretched her genitalia beyond recognition to push a human out of her down-theres. That would put the toughest NBA player out for a year or more. Yet she’s back in two months.”
Despite her catastrophic injury, Parker is in good spirits. While the womb tear kept her off the court and prevented her from doing what she loves, she tries to look at the positives from the incident.
“I got a beautiful daughter out of it,” she says.
And while the Sparks are happy to have her back, some within the organization are worried Parker is now susceptible to injury.
“It’s something we’ll have to monitor,” said Cooper. “Our team doctor tells me that a womb can tear again and again. It can be a chronic condition that women are highly susceptible to.”